December 23, 2018


Since I won’t be writing again until I’m back from my holidays (w/c 7th January) I figured I would do a little review of my New Years Resolutions. When I wrote them I wanted to stay away from the standard “lose weight”, “go to the gym” or “eat better” just because I know for me it wasn’t realistic in my final year of uni.

So lets review;

  1. My first resolution is to say YES more – I think I have done this more even with uni deadlines.  I’m not going to say I did anything crazy like Skydiving or traveling however I did sign up for Tough Mudder, I went to more blogging event particularly on my own and put myself out there to meet other bloggers, I’ve been helping my dad with his house which has been a huge task and I started a full time job too! Among all this I’ve made more of an effort to see my friends in evenings whether it is for a coffee or a night out. I’m going to give myself a tick for this resolution and carry it forward to 2019 too!42341931_175508853350649_7567885488086901034_n(1)
  2. SAVE SAVE SAVE! – This for sure is a massive fail. I have saved money but not nearly enough to warrant giving myself a tick on that one!
  3. Complete Tough Mudder – I DID IT! Tough Mudder was something I really wanted to do but never found the confidence but with my Mcds crew we went and smashed it! We also raised over £1000 for RMHC while doing it which equates to 26 nights of accommodation for families that needed it which I think is such a massive achievement in itself!IMG_mjmhzj
  4. Use more natural products – I can’t say that I have switched to all natural products however I do make more of a conscious effort when buying new products. I do now do a lot more research before buying make up and skincare to ensure I have more cruelty free options.
  5. Spend more time with my family – I do see my family pretty regularly and the start of the year was a definite write off due to uni, exams and dissertation but now having a Monday to Friday job it means I have free weekends and evenings to see them.

I have been contemplating whether I should set 2019 resolutions or not and it is pretty much down to a blog post by CuriouslyFit K who I do actually know personally! Kayleigh makes some good points in this post about how the first of January is no different to any of the 52 Mondays in a year and the fact that you don’t need a new year, new month or a new week to make a change.  I highly encourage you all to give it a read and send some her love her way in general!

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