March 11, 2019

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about my first experience with Femme Luxe Finery and if you’re keen to read how that went you can check it out here. In that collab I ordered clothing that was fit for winter but with the weather starting to warm up in Aberdeen, I figured that this time I would order some more spring like fashion.


First up let talk about this Snake Print Biker Jacket – it looks stunning. When I saw it on the site I knew I had to add it to my basket, it looked like a super cool printed denim vibe and I was living for it. Unfortunately it was not denim, nor was it faux leather which you may also expect. It was just a bit thicker than a t-shirt to be quite honest. At first I was kinda disappointed however the more I thought about it, it actually makes a great spring/summer jacket. Thick enough to keep you warm but not too thick that you overheat in the sunshine – pretty perfect!


I really don’t own printed jackets and so I was sorta stumped when it came to styling it but I figured you can’t go wrong with a print tee, black skinnies and some cool white heeled boots (which were £3 from Primark by the way… what a bargain!) I like how this look turned out and it is definitely something I can see myself wearing again, it also leads me on nicely to my next item…


This is the Digital Number Print Slogan Tee and no, I haven’t yet worked out what the numbers mean and nor do I care because I kinda like it! The material was soft and comfortable as t-shirts should be and I got this in the biggest size they had which was M/L. My downfall was not reading the description properly to note that it was a crop top rather than a full size t-shirt so whilst not being completely comfortable wearing crop tops right now, it is definitely something I’m going to wear again once I’ve lost a stone or two! P.s it is currently on sale for only £6 – amazing.


The next item I chose to review was the Rose Front Twist Culotte Ribbed Jumpsuit which can also be purchased in grey and black. I chose the rose shade as I felt it was the most interesting colour and could be worn casually or dressed up with heels. I got this one in a size 12 which is the biggest size they offer and it was just a little bit more snug that I would have liked so I would suggest sizing up if you can. The material itself felt okay however was pretty see through across the bum so you’d definitely need a nude thong if you were to purchase this one. My last critique on the item would be that it washes me out! I’m sitting looking at this photo saying “why didn’t I just get the black one!?” Of course that isn’t the brands fault, the model was definitely more tanned than I am and she looked fabulous. I think had I got this in black and it fitted a little better it would be something that I would wear to death as it was really comfy.


The last item I chose was something extremely different for me and that was the Black High Shine Vinyl Pu Trousers. I might look happy in that photo but honestly I was really disappointed by these. First off, as soon as I took them out of the packaging there was a horrific smell that I really couldn’t describe – of course there is always the chance that I had a bad pair but sadly it has put me off trying any of their High Shine/ Vinyl style items just in case. I also felt like these particular leggings did not flatter me at all, they flattened my bum, there was a fair bit of extra fabric around the crotch area but I also couldn’t pull them up any higher. I was really gutted because these looked so freaking cool on the website and I really wanted to see if I could rock them! I know that some other bloggers chose these leggings and loved them though so like I said, maybe I just got a bad pair!

Out of everything I was gifted in this collab my favourite item by far was the Snake Print Biker Jacket and I’m excited to see what else I can style it with. I think it could look super cute with a black cami style midi dress and some black heeled boots 👌

My opinion of Femme Luxe Finery does of course stay the same. As I said in my last post, every brand has some weaknesses but out of the 8 items I have received now there is only one thing that I truly haven’t gotten on well with and I think that is a success to the brand. My main issue with them is their sizing – it doesn’t always seem to be spot on so if there is something you really wanted, it might be worth ordering a couple different sizes to avoid any disappointment. I also feel like they could benefit from making some bigger sizes to cater for more women.

Femme Luxe Finery do loads of cute and comfy looking co-ords and lounge wear sets and you definitely cannot have too many of them! Click the links to check them out.

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