March 28, 2019

Blogger of the Month (1)

As promised I am back with another Blogger of the Month! I’m really enjoying writing these posts and I hope you enjoy reading them and maybe finding some new favourite bloggers!

This month is dedicated to The Lipstick Daily otherwise known as Georgie!


Georgie is actually one of the bloggers I’ve followed from the start of my blogging career as it were and I’ve met her a couple of times at Body Shop events where shes been super friendly.

The Lipstick Daily falls under a couple of categories including; fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Georgie has a very honestly and direct style of writing which if you’ve read my previous Blogger of the Month/Week posts you know I am a big fan of! Georgie also writes some very personal blog posts such as ‘Why I do not want children which is something I admire greatly about her writing. Other personal posts include; ‘Unplugging from the blog‘ and ‘I blame the movies for my sexpectations‘.

Over on Instagram, Georgie has a mixture of product pictures, fashion shots and make-up selfies and with almost 1000 photos there is definitely something that you’ll like!


Her make up skills are absolutely amazing and she is very active on her stories which I thoroughly enjoy watching.

Speaking of… did I mention that Georgie has a YouTube channel?! In 2017 Georgie took The Lipstick Daily brand over to YouTube where she reviews make-up products, shares her fashion hauls and everything in between. Georgie has taken a bit of a break from YouTube however I believe she is itching to get back into it and has filmed a video to go up soon! I love Georgie’s channel, she is funny and comfortable behind the camera – a definite natural. If you haven’t already checked her out click here to see one of my faves ‘GRWM – Tiny Hands Challenge‘ I assure you it will have you belly laughing!


I chose Georgie as my Blogger of the Month because her recent honest and personal content has really inspired me to take the same sort of leap! I would love to follow in her footsteps and just write about things that I want to write about without being bothered how people will react to it!

To check out Georgie’s blog click here.

To check out Georgie’s YouTube click here.

To check out Georgie’s Instagram click here.

Have a fabulous weekend,

Holly (1)

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