May 6, 2019

[post contains PR samples]

In my opinion any make up look is made better with a jet black wing and long fluffy lashes – both of which are not often featured on my face… until now!

Winged liner is something I’ve struggled with for years!! It has gotten to the stage where I will do my eyeliner before any other make up just in case it goes wrong and I have to take it off. In doing this I lose a lot of pigment on my wing and I felt like enough was enough and invested in something that was to change my eyeliner game.


The Ciate London Stamp & Drag Liner (£15) is a double sided eyeliner pen that was created in collaboration with the Drag Queen, Courtney Act. On one side of the pen you have your usual felt tip nib but on the other side you will find a triangle shaped stamp. The idea behind the product is you use the stamp to create the wing and then the regular felt tip side to drag the liner across the rest of the eye. BUT does it really work? Does it really make life easier??

80% yes 20% no! Okay yes, you have a little less to worry about with the wing but you do still have to try and get the angle of the stamp right (which is usually what I struggle with most!) I do think it was worth buying if you struggle with winged liner though because once you’ve figured out where your wing needs to be stamped – you’re laughing. Also the eyeliner is super pigmented and black which I love!


Once you have your perfect wing the next step is making sure your lashes are perfect too and when you have short and straight lashes like me, this is a nightmare! I used to have really long lashes when I was at school but years of wear 8 layers of mascara everyday – yes I said 8! Clumpy lashes were EVERYTHING when I was at school! – they began to break and never really recovered.


I’ve played around with fake lashes before but it has never really gone well for me until very recently! False Eyelashes very kindly sent over 3 different styles of Eyelure lashes and I honestly couldn’t wait to try them out. If you haven’t heard of False Eyelashes before they are an online store that stocks a huge range of popular lash brands and styles. They also sell accessories such as lash curlers, lash glue, tweezers and so much more. So if you are thinking about getting into the world of fake lashes, they are the website to visit!


Definition is a fluffy, full and dramatic lash which is great for complementing some thick black liner and a blown out smokey eye shadow look. These lashes come with its own mini lash glue which is easy to use and great for taking on nights out with you.


The texture lashes are less dramatic than the definition lashes but definitely make a statement. They are super fluffy, long and messy which gives a more natural looking finish. These eyelashes are pre-glued which means you can literally just pull them off the plastic and stick them to your lash line with no sticky mess.


The last set of lashes I received were these Natural, everyday lashes.  For a beginner like me, these were definitely a great place to start. They are thin and whispy which is perfect for everyday wearing or if you fancy adding something a little special to a more basic look.


I’ve always avoided lashes because I always saw them as fiddly and difficult but these pre-glued lashes went on like an absolute dream and were much more comfortable than I expected them to be. I did have to trim them slightly so that they didn’t irritate the inner corner of my eye but I should have checked that before putting them on.

A big thanks to False Eyelashes for sending me these three sets, it has definitely inspired me to try out more styles!

What are your favourite lashes?

Bye for now,

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    117’s was my favorite lashes for the longest time! Great post babe! Xx

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