November 2, 2019
5 Reasons to Get a Personal Trainer

[This post is in collaboration with Gary Pickard PT. I received discounted sessions in return for an honest review. Clothing worn in this post is in collaboration with True Form – use code HOLLYD10 for 10% off ]

So, for the past few months you might have noticed on my Instagram that I’ve been on a fitness journey – and really trying this time too! For the longest time now, I have been so unhappy with my body and dealing with the ‘consequences’ of gaining weight. I’ve simply had enough.

5 Reasons to Get a Personal Trainer

When I say I’ve had enough, I don’t necessarily mean that I’ve had enough of being “fat”, “mid-size” or “big”. I mean I’ve had enough of hating my body and not feeling good enough. My whole life I’ve wanted to be skinny but why? Because everywhere you look, it tells you to be. Right now, I want to focus on being healthy.

At my heaviest I was a size 16 and weighed around 14 stone. I ate lots of fast food, unhealthy junk food and didn’t exercise very much. In May, I took up running as a hobby but quickly lost motivation with it. Then I saw that an old school friend has become a Personal Trainer and was looking for clients. I quickly jumped at the chance and I’m so glad that I did.


Gary Pickard PT

I asked Gary to answer a couple of questions about him and his road to Personal Training;

Why Did you want to be a Personal Trainer?

I wanted to be a PT because I felt that it was the only job that could fit someone of my energy levels. My personality was too hyper for desk work and too untamed for labour intensive or engineering type roles. I also thought it would be a good use of my skills, using the knowledge of something I care about so deeply about to help people build their confidence.

What did you need to do to become a Personal Trainer?

To qualify, I did my level 2 and 3 through PT Academy, it was an online based course and I had a mentor who I would meet with and do assessments.

How long have you been qualified as a Personal Trainer?

I’ve now been qualified for 10 months, I’m thriving and having the time of my life!

5 Reasons to Get a Personal Trainer


  1. 1. Weight Training
  2. I don’t know about you but when I go to the gym I gravitate towards the basics; treadmill, x-trainer and maybe the rowing machine if I’m feeling particularly adventurous! As great as cardio exercises are, you will get much better results when you include weight training. Weights are something I’m very nervous about on my own but really enjoy. With Gary I’ve been doing exercises such as dead-lifting, weighted squats, overhead press and leg press too. Feeling strong is pretty freaking cool!
  3. 2. It Gives You Added Motivation
  4. When I go to the gym I often don’t push myself as hard as I could or I leave earlier than I’m ‘supposed’ to. When you have a PT you obviously can’t do that! This results in a more intense work out that actually does have an effect on your results! This follows into your diet habits too. Gary regularly looks at your My Fitness Pal diary to check up on all the food you eat each week and recommends possible changes to aid your weight loss / weight gain / muscle gain. It truly depends on your goals.
  5. 3. It’s Highly Educational
  6. Since starting my PT sessions, I have learnt so much about my body. Gary’s knowledge of muscles is incredible and if at any stage you have an unusual ache or pain he’s pretty good at knowing how to combat it. Every exercise that we do, Gary is great for explaining which muscle are being used, the type of movement that we are doing and why it is benefiting me. I feel like I know so much more about my body now!
  7. 4. Avoid the Plateau Stage
  8. Generally in your first couple of months of your fitness journey you lose the most weight however the plateau stage is inevitable. A good personal trainer will ensure you combat this stage by switching up your work-out plan, suggesting a decrease in calorie intake or simply adding extra days in the gym. This definitely helps to keep your motivation levels up too!
  9. 5. It’s Fun!
  10. I get super duper bored when I’m at the gym. I’ve tried making a banging music playlist and watching Netflix shows but it just doesn’t keep me going! When I’m with Gary, it’s very relaxed and we have a good laugh. Whether it’s reminiscing from the past or just talking about things that annoy us, it’s almost a bit therapeutic! Oh, and the hour absolutely fly’s by! It’s also incredibly fun seeing my strength building, lifting heavier weights and just challenging my body in new ways.

why i recommend gary

Gary takes a fun approach to Personal Training. You can go in and have a laugh while still getting through your work out. There’s definitely times I’ve wanted to give up on an exercise but he fills you with confidence and reminds you that it’s almost over!

Another great thing about Gary is that he listens. If you don’t feel comfortable doing an exercise or it hurts you in any way then he is quick to take the exercise out and replace it with something else that hits the same muscles. For me this happened with bench press, something I was showing amazing progress with but one day my shoulder clicked funny – despite Gary telling me that my form was perfect – and now my shoulder just cannot seem to cope with the movement.

Lastly, Gary is so incredibly knowledgeable about muscles, food and overall well-being. If you have an ache or pain Gary knows all the right questions to ask and generally can figure out what is going on. Bare in mind he is not a doctor so if something is really bothering you then see a professional – not just a personal trainer! During each and every exercise, Gary will explain every movement and the how the muscles are contracting and overall why it is a good movement to incorporate into your workout!

how to contact gary

To contact Gary and book a free consultation you can head over to his Facebook Page, Instagram, or you can head over to the Pure Gym website! Oh and did I mention that if you tell Gary that you found him through me then you’ll get an amazing 30% off your first month of sessions! Bargain!

Have you had a personal trainer before? Or maybe this has inspired you to get one! Let me know! 🙂

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