I’ve said a few times now that I want to challenge myself with my fashion choices and be bolder with what I wear so, Kirsty and I decided to team up and kill two birds with one stone. We decided to choose an item of clothing for each other to style that we might not normally opt for but also something that follows with this seasons fashion trends. Make sure you head over to Kirsty’s blog to see what item I chose for her!

There are so many trends rolling out this spring/summer with butterflies, colour blocking, crochet and neon to name a few! The item Kirsty chose for me were these super funky satin kick flare trousers which fall into the spring/summer 19 trend of orange. 

Photo taken from ASOS.com

I can’t say I really own anything orange but I also don’t own a single pair of flares either, and that is probably why Kirsty chose them. That and the fact they are pretty bloody cool!  I sat for ages and wondered how to go about styling this outfit and I watched a bunch of YouTube videos on how to style flares to find some inspiration. I eventually came across this white polo neck bodysuit from Missguided that I thought would go with the 80’s vibe of the flares.


Bodysuits are usually something I avoid since I don’t have a flat tum but I figured since the flares were such a fashion risk, I might as well go all out.  The bodysuit was actually pretty comfortable and the material was really soft too! I don’t think that it was the most flattering on me, but that’s just a matter of opinion.


I also opted for a black heart buckle belt, a denim jacket and some fabulous white boots to complete my outfit. I was definitely nervous going out in this outfit purely because it is so far out of my comfort zone with the print, style and tight fit but also because it isn’t your typical look. With that being said, I really like this outfit.

Doing this collab with Kirsty truly has inspired me to stop worrying about what other people think about my style and how I look and just wear what I want to bloody wear because life is too damn short!


Do you think you’ll find some orange kick flares in your wardrobe this year?? What Spring/Summer 19 trend are you most excited for?

P.s don’t forget to head over to Kirsty’s blog!

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  1. I love how you’ve styled this outfit. I’m not a huge lover of orange so I probably wouldn’t wear this colour myself, but I’d definitely try another colour of flares.

    1. It was definitely a bold choice for me as the colour and style was so out my comfort zone but the flares were so fun! Let me know if you try them out 😊 x

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