November 2, 2022


Itsu has been around for over 25 years, but Aberdeen is just recently being introduced to the fast-food sushi chain.  I use the term fast-food lightly as this usually indicates cheap, unhealthy options where-as Itsu uses highly quality, healthy ingredients to create their dishes but in a fast-food style setting. 

The brand has many aims other than serving delicious Asian-inspired dishes; they seek to reduce food and packaging waste, have a 40% plant-based menu (currently 38%), reduce electricity/water usage – and more! If you haven’t read about their background, I highly recommend checking the “its’our story” section on their website. 

I met up with @thescottishpantry for this particular trip to Itsu and we were very excited (and hungry!)

Miso Soup and Sushi at Itsu


After much deliberation, I decided to grab a Detox Miso’noodle Soup (with an added egg); this consisted of 3 steamed veg gyoza, crystal noodles, wakame, tofu and miso soup. (253 calories / 5 WW points).  What a soup! It had such a good mix of flavours and textures – truly amazing. I definitely recommend this soup if you are looking to try a little bit of everything – you get to try the noodles, the tofu, gyoza and the egg is in there too.

Miso Soup and Suhsi at Itsu

Of course, I couldn’t not pick up some sushi, so I grabbed a portion of California Rolls (315 calories / 7 WW points) I added some of the pickled ginger from this dish into my soup – again highly recommend! 

If I was to order on a non-WW conscious evening, I would definitely be keen to try Japanese curry stir-fry style udon noodles or one of the larger sushi platters.

We placed our orders seperately via the touch screen kiosks – I know many people don’t enjoy self-service but I really liked that I could have a proper look through the menu whilst ordering. It truly didn’t take long for our orders to be assembled and it all arrived hot and delish!

Let me know in the comments what your go-to Itsu order is!

Need something to do after filling up on Sushi?? What about an evening of Axe Throwing at Hatchet Harrys?

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